Players Pool Cues

Abigail Rush
10 min readJun 18, 2024


Are you in the market for a high-quality pool cue? Look no further than Players Pool Cues. In this roundup article, we’ll be diving into the world of top-tier pool cues and highlighting the best options available on the market today. From classic designs to innovative features, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Top 6 Best Players Pool Cues

  1. Mizerak 57 in. Two-Piece Hardwood Pool Cue — Blue P1862BL — Experience ultimate precision and durability with the Mizerak 57in Two-Piece Hardwood Cue — perfect for passionate pool players!
  2. CUESOUL 57" Maple Pool Cue Set for Rockin Players — Discover the peak of precision and panache with the CUESOUL Rockin Series 57" 21oz Maple Pool Cue Stick Set, this extraordinary piece boasts an exclusive design and superior construction.
  3. Mizerak 57" Exclusive Quality Silver Pool Cue Set — Experience unmatched precision and performance with the Mizerak 57" Premium Two-Piece Hardwood Cue, boasting a 5.28 oz overall weight and an aluminum joint for improved accuracy.
  4. CUESOUL Maple Pool Cue with Joint Protector and Carrying Bag — Enhance your billiards game with the CUESOUL Rockin Series 57" 21 oz Maple Pool Cue Stick Set, boasting a striking pearl paint finish and superior 13mm layered leather tips for ultimate ball control.
  5. Viper Underground Dia de Los Muertos Pool Cue for Players — Viper Underground Dia de Los Muertos 20 Ounce Pool Cue — Combines tenacious maple durability with a pro taper and Le Pro leather tip for a consistent, stylish performance.
  6. Mizerak 57" 2-Piece House Billiard Cue with 12mm Ferrule and Comfortable Carved Grip — Experience a high-quality, stylish, and durable pool cue with the Mizerak 57" 2-Piece House Cue, offering unbeatable performance and lasting style for players of all skill levels.

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Mizerak 57 in. Two-Piece Hardwood Pool Cue — Blue P1862BL


The Mizerak 57in Two-Piece Hardwood Cue, available in blue, is a premium pool cue designed for recreational play. Crafted from high-quality hardwood, this cue offers exceptional performance and durability.

The classic painted handle provides a comfortable grip and a high-gloss finish, while the custom rubber bumper adds to its stylish appearance. With a standard 12mm ferrule and leather tip, this cue allows for accurate and consistent shots on the table. While some users have experienced bowed shafts, others find great value in the product for its affordable price.

Overall, this pool cue is an excellent choice for amateur and professional players alike looking for a reliable and stylish piece of equipment.

CUESOUL 57" Maple Pool Cue Set for Rockin Players


I’ve been using the CUESOUL Rockin Series 57" Pool Cue Stick Set for a while now. The 21oz maple stick really adds some weight and solidity to your game. The imported dried hardwood butt made of North American maple wood is simply stunning, with the woodpearl paint finish creating an eye-catching pattern on the stained end. The stainless steel joint M/18 provides smooth and strong connectivity, while the carbon fiber ferrule and 13mm layered leather tips give you ultimate ball control.

But there are a few things that could have been better. For starters, the assembly required can be a bit tedious, and the frame material is just wood. Also, a few users mentioned that the tips are sometimes not perfectly straight. However, overall, this pool cue has been a great addition to my collection, perfect for those looking for a stylish and high-performance option.

Mizerak 57" Exclusive Quality Silver Pool Cue Set


I recently used the Mizerak 57" Premium Hardwood Cue, and I must say, it’s quite an impressive piece of equipment. One of my favorite features is the sleek design, which allows for a comfortable and confident grip. The two-piece construction also makes storage a breeze, preventing the cue from being bent.

However, one aspect I noticed could use some improvement is the weight distribution. While the cue feels solid and sturdy, its overall weight might be a bit too hefty for some users, especially during extended sessions. Additionally, while the leather tip and 13mm ferrule provide a smooth surface for ball contact, it might take some time to break in the cue completely to achieve optimal performance.

Overall, the Mizerak 57" Premium Hardwood Cue is a reliable and stylish choice for any pool player looking to up their game. While it may require a bit of fine-tuning, the effort pays off in the end.

CUESOUL Maple Pool Cue with Joint Protector and Carrying Bag


Experience the thrill of billiards with the CUESOUL Rockin Series 57" Maple Pool Cue Stick Set. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, this cue features a 58-inch length and a weight of 21 ounces, making it a breeze to handle and control. The butt is made of imported dried hardwood, while the shaft is hand-selected and kiln-dried North American maple wood for unparalleled durability and performance.

The cue’s pearl paint finish is not just visually stunning but also provides a cool pattern design, perfect for showcasing your style on the pool table. With a stainless steel joint and an Irish linen wrap, this cue is designed to provide smooth and consistent play. The Carbon Fiber Ferrule ensures a solid connection, while the 13mm layered leather tips offer ultimate ball control.

As a bonus, the set comes with a cue stick joint protector and shaft protector to keep your cue in top shape, as well as a billiard towel and a blue carrying cue bag for easy transportation. Trust the CUESOUL Rockin Series to elevate your billiards experience and help you master the game with ease.

Viper Underground Dia de Los Muertos Pool Cue for Players


Play with passion and make a statement with the Underground billiard cues from Viper, designed with unique artwork and graphics that stand out from the crowd. Built from durable maple hardwood and equipped with performance-enhancing features, these cue sticks are a perfect addition to any pool player’s arsenal.

A Le Pro leather tip ensures a consistent grip on the ball, while the Pro Taper delivers a comfortable feel across your stroke. The adjustable weight system allows for customization, making it the ideal cue for your personal preference. With a combination of style and performance, the Underground billiard cues are a must-have for pool enthusiasts.

Mizerak 57" 2-Piece House Billiard Cue with 12mm Ferrule and Comfortable Carved Grip


This 57-inch two-piece house billiard cue boasts a sleek hardwood construction that allows for a solid shot every time. The 12mm ferrule and leather tip ensure durability, while the high-gloss finish adds a stylish touch to its appearance.

The carved grip provides both comfort and grip, giving this cue an attractive design that is sure to impress. At just over a pound in weight, the cue is simple and unassuming, perfect for any skilled pool player — or even a newcomer to the game. Don’t overlook its affordability; this cue offers great value for money.

However, be advised that some users have experienced shipping issues or faults in the product. This Mizerak billiard cue is a worthy addition to any pool room.

Buyer’s Guide

Players Pool Cues are a popular choice among billiards enthusiasts. This guide provides essential information for those looking to purchase their first or upgrade their existing cue.

Important Features

  1. Shaft Material: The material of the shaft can significantly impact the performance and durability of the Players Pool Cues. Common options include wood (like maple or ash), graphite, or fiberglass. Wooden cues tend to be more traditional and provide better feel, while graphite and fiberglass offer better strength and lighter weight.


  1. Length and Weight: The length and weight of the cue should be considered based on your playing style, height, and personal preference. Generally, taller players prefer longer cues, and lighter cues are easier to maneuver for beginners. Make sure to choose the right size for comfortable play and good control.

General Advice

  1. Balance: A well-balanced cue allows for smooth and accurate shots. To check the balance, hold the cue with one hand and tap it on the floor with the other. If it rotates around the balance point, it is well-balanced. Consult with a professional or experienced player to ensure the balance of your Players Pool Cues.

Maintenance and Care

  1. Keep Your Cue in Top Condition: To maintain the quality and performance of your Players Pool Cues, it is crucial to clean and maintain it regularly. Dust the cue with a soft cloth or brush and use a cue cleaner to maintain the finish. Store the cue in a protective case to prevent damage from humidity or extreme temperatures.


What makes Players Pool Cues stand out among other pool cues?

Players Pool Cues are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and innovative designs. These cues feature premium woods, such as maple and ebony, that provide excellent balance and durability. The cues also come with an impressive selection of shafts and tips, allowing players to customize their cues to fit their playing style and preferences.

Additionally, Players Pool Cues are known for their distinctive and bold designs. Their unique patterns and colors make them an attractive choice for players looking to make a statement on the pool table. The cues also come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that customers can enjoy their cues for years to come.

What are some popular Players Pool Cue models?

Players Pool Cues offer a wide range of models suitable for various skill levels and playing styles. Some popular models include the Players Classic, Players Signature, Players Perfection, and Players Tradition. Each model features its own unique design and specifications, such as shaft materials and tip options.

The Players Classic, for example, is a versatile cue suitable for recreational players. It features a striking maple and white ash shaft, a medium-weight shaft, and a resin tip. On the other hand, the Players Perfection is a high-performance cue designed for competitive players. It comes with a heavy-duty shaft, a 96% chalking surface, and a long tip for precise control.

Are Players Pool Cues suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, Players Pool Cues cater to a wide range of skill levels. They offer cues with varying shaft weights, tip material, and designs to suit different playing styles and preferences. While their high-end models may be more suitable for advanced and competitive players, they also have a selection of cues that are perfect for beginners and casual players.

For instance, the Players Classic is a versatile and affordable cue ideal for recreational players. It features a comfortable grip and a balanced shaft, making it easy to control and maneuver. Other cues, like the Players Signature or Players Tradition, offer more advanced features such as custom shaft materials and precision-cut tips, which can help improve the performance and accuracy of the cue for more skilled players.

Can I customize a Players Pool Cue to my liking?

Certainly! Players Pool Cues offer a variety of options to help you customize your cue to your liking. You can choose from different shaft materials, such as maple or caramelized bamboo, and select from various tip types, like standard, upgraded, or super upgraded tips. Additionally, you can personalize your cue with various design options including intricate patterns, inlay work, or your name engraved on the cue.

Players Pool Cues also offer custom cues specifically designed for team players or leagues. These cues come with a team logo or name engraved on the shaft, making them perfect for team events or as gifts for fellow players. For more personalized customization, Players Pool Cues offers bespoke cue-making services, where you can work directly with their craftsmen to create a unique and truly one-of-a-kind cue.

Do Players Pool Cues come with any special features or benefits?

Absolutely! Players Pool Cues offer a range of unique features that make them stand out from other cues. One such feature is their lifetime warranty, which covers any defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty ensures that customers can enjoy their cues for many years without worrying about unexpected issues. Additionally, Players Pool Cues are known for their commitment to quality, and each cue undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure its consistency and durability.

Players Pool Cues also prioritize innovation, which can be seen in their selection of shaft materials and tip options. For example, their carbon fiber shafts provide a lightweight and responsive cue, while their new super upgraded tips provide excellent chalk retention and a smooth hitting surface. Furthermore, Players Pool Cues have a dedicated team of pool cue designers and engineers who are constantly working to improve their cues and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of pool cues.

Where can I purchase Players Pool Cues?

Players Pool Cues can be purchased through various online retailers and specialty pool supply stores. They have a wide distribution network, so it is likely that you will find their products in your local area or online. Some well-known retailers that offer Players Pool Cues include Amazon, Academy Sports & Outdoors, and Cue & Table.

It is also recommended to visit the official Players Pool Cues website (www. playerspa. com) to find a list of authorized dealers or to contact their customer service team for more information on where to purchase their cues. Additionally, Players Pool Cues are often sold through specialty pool supply stores or through local pool halls that offer pool cue rentals or sales.

As an Amazon Affiliate™, I receive compensation from qualified purchases at no cost to you.