Playdoh Sets

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Get ready to unleash your creativity with the ultimate playtime companion — Playdoh Sets! This comprehensive roundup brings you a fantastic collection of playdoh sets that will keep your little ones entertained for hours. Dive into the world of playdoh, with its endless possibilities and endless fun!

The Top 9 Best Playdoh Sets

  1. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Noodle Party Playset — Imaginative Playdoh Fun — Create mouth-watering pretend pasta dishes with the Play-Doh Noodle Party Playset, featuring a hand-crank machine, moulds, and stamps for endless culinary fun and imagination!
  2. Play-Doh Sparkle and Scents Variety Pack for Creative Kids — Unleash creativity and sensory fun with the Play-Doh Sparkle and Scents Variety Pack, perfect for kids ages 3 and up with an educational focus on creative thinking!
  3. Play-Doh Wow! 100 Colors Variety Pack — Discounted Set — Unleash your creativity with this WOW 100 Colour Variety Pack of Play-Doh — perfect for sharing and offering endless fun with a visually appealing array of colors!
  4. Play-Doh Essential Colors 10-Pack for Creative Play — Unlock children’s creative spark with the Play-Doh Essential Colors Set — 10 individually wrapped sticks in vibrant, classic colors, perfect for kids ages 2 and up!
  5. Soft Playdoh Variety Pack for Imaginative Play — PLAY-DOH Plus Variety Pack offers a softer, smoother texture for kids’ creativity, making it a perfect choice for imaginative playtime.
  6. Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset — Turn your play space into a Playdoh ice cream truck party with the ultimate set, featuring fun music, a cash register, and 27 tools for endless creativity!
  7. Play-Doh Stylin’ Salon Playset for Hair Fun — Bring imaginative hair styling fun to kids aged 3 and up with the versatile Play-Doh Hair Stylin’ Salon playset!
  8. Creative Play-Doh Fun Factory Set for Imaginative Playtime — The Play Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set offers endless open-ended creative opportunities, with over 30 tools that spark the imagination, promoting a fun and messy crafting experience.
  9. Unleash Imagination with Play-Doh Case of Imagination — Unleash kids’ creativity with the Play-Doh Case of Imagination, offering a diverse palette of colors and non-toxic, edible fun, making it a perfect pick for educational and recreational playtime!

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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Noodle Party Playset — Imaginative Playdoh Fun

Just like in the kitchen, this Play-Doh Toy allows your little ones to create their own noodle party! The hand-cranked pasta machine allows for endless playtime as kids can imagine and craft different pasta dishes with their colorful Play-Doh. The set includes various molds for noodles, and side dishes, along with a cheese grater for that extra touch to their pretend meals.

What stood out for me was the toy’s ability to ignite creativity in children. The half-mold shapes and intricate attachments allowed my son to create unique and fun dishes that he could only dream of. However, I do feel that there could be more emphasis on a safe and easy set-up; my son, at times, found it challenging to assemble the machine.

Despite those minor setbacks, this is a toy that can keep children entertained for hours while fostering their imaginative play, making it a must-have for any playroom. I would definitely recommend it to any parent looking for a fun, interactive way to let their child’s creativity shine, especially during the playtime hours!

Play-Doh Sparkle and Scents Variety Pack for Creative Kids

Sparkles and scents, oh my! I recently tried the Play-Doh Sparkle and Scents Variety Pack, and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. With 4 classic colors included — red, yellow, blue, and purple — this set is perfect for sparking the imagination of kids aged three and up.

One of the standout features of this set is the inclusion of scented play-dohs, and the subtly scented scents. While they’re not too overpowering, the sweet fragrances are still fun to experience while playing. My kids loved the different scents, as they smelled exactly like the fruits and drinks they supposed to represent.

Another great feature was the glitter play-doh. Watching the sparkles mix into the colors was a real delight for the eyes and my fingers!

However, I did notice that the glitter tended to stick to everything, including our clothes! So, be prepared for that extra sparkle to linger around.

There were no battery requirements, which was a nice touch. The set could be easily stored and transported with the tight-snapping lids on the play-doh containers. It even came with a knife, roller, and two cutters for added playtime fun.

When it came to clean up, it wasn’t too difficult. I found that it was best to wash my hands thoroughly and use a damp cloth to remove any remaining play-doh from surfaces. I also made sure to store the playthings in a secure container to keep it nice and fresh.

In conclusion, the Play-Doh Sparkle and Scents Variety Pack is a fun, engaging, and creative playtime experience for kids. Though there’s a potential mess to clean up and the scents may not be as strong as expected, the overall package is one that I’d recommend for little ones.

Play-Doh Wow! 100 Colors Variety Pack — Discounted Set

As someone who loves to get creative with colors, the Play-Doh Wow 100 Colour Variety Pack was simply a dream come true. Imagine having 100 different colors at your fingertips, all ready for you to mold and shape into whatever your imagination desires.

The variety of colors in this set was absolutely fantastic. From the classic primary colors, like red and blue, to the more unique shades, such as nickel and silver, there was an endless array of options to choose from. The sparkle compounds added an extra touch of magic, and the super shimmer compound really made your creations pop.

One of the best things about this Play-Doh set was the sheer amount of product you received. With 57 cans of the regular modeling compound, 20 cans of sparkle compound, 12 cans of metallics compound, 7 cans of confetti, and 4 cans of super shimmer compound, you’ll never run out of ideas or materials to work with.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks. The packaging was a bit difficult to handle, especially when trying to distribute the sets among multiple children. Additionally, some users found the quality of the Play-Doh slightly inferior to other, smaller sets. But overall, these were minor issues in comparison to the sheer joy this product brought to our creative lives.

Play-Doh Essential Colors 10-Pack for Creative Play

The Play-Doh Essential Colors Set boasts an array of 10 vibrant, timeless hues that ignite endless creative possibilities for kids aged 2 and up. Children can channel their imagination by sculpting unique, playful objects with the soft, squishy modeling compound.

The set is a fantastic addition to any collection of fidget or sensory toys, perfect for travel, classroom use, or a delightful party favor. However, parents should be aware that this set contains wheat, so it may not be suitable for all children.

Soft Playdoh Variety Pack for Imaginative Play

Introducing the Playdoh Plus Variety Pack, a delightful addition to your creative little one’s playtime arsenal. This softer and smoother PLAY-DOH Plus compound allows kids to unleash their imagination and create more intricate decorations. With each purchase, you’ll receive eight cans, making it a perfect choice for sharing or expanding your Playdoh collection.

A key advantage of this product lies in its versatility. The softer PLAY-DOH Plus compound enables children to produce more detailed and elaborate creations that could be a challenge with the traditional Playdoh. However, it’s important to note that while this PLAY-DOH is designed for endless imaginative fun, it’s crucial to remind youngsters that it’s not meant for consumption.

This product has gained much appreciation among its users, earning it an overall rating of 4.3. These positive reviews frequently highlight the enjoyable experience and the impressive entertainment value that the Playdoh Plus Variety Pack provides. It’s not just a useful toy, but also a beloved one, making it a fantastic choice for gift-giving or simply expanding your child’s playtime options.

Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset


Transform your child’s playtime into an ultimate ice cream truck party with the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset. This versatile set, featuring 27 tools and an ice cream making machine, allows children to create a multitude of delicious treats using Play-Doh.

The incorporation of fun music and cash register sounds adds to the overall experience, making kids feel like they’re running their own ice cream truck. The 12 included Play-Doh jars provide kids with a variety of colors to bring their imagination to life. Parents will love the design, which includes numerous storage spaces and easy cleaning capabilities.

While the product may require assembly and a few minor adjustments, the excitement and imagination it fosters make it a worthwhile addition to any playroom.

Play-Doh Stylin’ Salon Playset for Hair Fun


Introducing the Play-Doh Hair Stylin’ Salon playset, a fun and imaginative addition to your child’s playtime arsenal. This set allows your little one to unleash their creativity and express their unique style through play. Complete with a variety of styling tools and accessories, the Play-Doh Hair Stylin’ Salon lets kids make and style silly Play-Doh hair in an endless variety of colors and styles.

The playset comes with a curl-creating hair dryer, a Mohawk mold, a crimper, and two different plates for creating different hair textures. Each set includes 12 ounces of Play-Doh compound, making it perfect for creating long or short styles. With 6 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound included, this playset offers hours of endless fun for your child.

Though it may require adult assembly and supervision due to its small parts, the Play-Doh Hair Stylin’ Salon playset is a fantastic gift for kids aged 3 and up. It not only encourages imaginative play but also helps develop their fine motor skills. With the variety of accessories and the versatility of Play-Doh, this playset is sure to become a favorite among children. Don’t forget to watch their creative hairstyles come to life with every play session!

Creative Play-Doh Fun Factory Set for Imaginative Playtime


The Play Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set is a classic toy that has been around for generations. It’s a great option for kids who love to unleash their creativity and explore their imaginations through play. I recently let my little one try this set for the first time, and they absolutely loved it.

One of the first things my child noticed was the wide range of colors available — 6 different cans of dough to choose from! The 30 tools that come with the set make it easy for kids to create all sorts of shapes and animals. The Fun Factory tool is especially fun to use, as it allows kids to squeeze out and shape the dough into different shapes. The roller and cutter attachments also provide endless possibilities for customized play.

However, one downside to this set is the messiness factor. Play Doh can be quite sticky and sometimes difficult to clean up. It’s something to keep in mind when setting up a play area for kids.

Overall, the Play Doh Fun Factory Deluxe Set is a great option for families looking for an open-ended toy that encourages creative play. With all the different colors and tools it comes with, kids can spend hours creating and playing with their creations. It’s a timeless classic that never goes out of style, and it’s definitely worth the investment!

Unleash Imagination with Play-Doh Case of Imagination


The Play-Doh Case of Imagination is a delightful collection of playful, colorful playdoh that offers hours of creative fun for kids. With an assortment of 30 2-ounce cans, each one packed with a different vibrant color, children can let their creativity flourish and create a world of their very own. The compact size makes it perfect for both at-home playtime and taking on the go, ensuring that imagination is never in short supply.

The variety of colors adds a dash of excitement and keeps kids engaged as they mix and match different shades to create whimsical masterpieces. However, some parents might find the smaller containers a bit fiddly to open for their little ones due to their age. On the other hand, the compact size of the containers also means there’s less mess to deal with, making cleanup a breeze.

The Play-Doh Case of Imagination isn’t just fun, but it also caters to the educational needs of children aged 2 years and up. By encouraging creative thinking, it helps them develop their imagination and hone their cognitive skills. Its educational focus on creativity distinguishes it from other playdoh sets, making it a great choice for parents looking for a well-rounded, entertaining, and educational toy for their little ones.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for playdoh sets. Playdoh has been a beloved activity for children of all ages for decades. Not only is it incredibly fun, but it also helps promote creativity, fine motor skills, and imaginative playtime. In this guide, we will explore essential features to consider when selecting a playdoh set, as well as some general advice on how to use and enjoy these sets with your family.

Quality of Playdoh

One of the first factors to consider when selecting a playdoh set is the quality of the playdoh. It should be soft, easy to work with, and not crumble easily. Some sets may contain larger pieces of playdoh that can be molded into various shapes, while others may come in small beads that can be used for texturing purpose. You’ll want a set with playdoh that lasts long, can be easily washed, and does not dry out quickly.

Number of Colors

Another factor to consider is the number of colors available. A larger set with a variety of colors can be more inspiring for children to create and explore different designs. However, if you’re looking for a more minimalistic approach, a smaller set with fewer colors may be sufficient. It all depends on your child’s preference and the specific activity you’re looking to engage in!

Accessories Included

Some playdoh sets come with additional accessories, such as molds, spatulas, and trays. These can be particularly useful if you’re looking to encourage creative playtime or offer a range of possibilities for your child’s imagination. Accessories that facilitate easy cleanup are also a great consideration.


Lastly, always consider the safety of the playdoh set. Ensure that the packaging is sturdy and child-safe, and that the playdoh itself is non-toxic. This information can often be found on the product label or by doing a quick search for the product’s safety standards. Following these guidelines will provide you with a peace of mind and allow your child to safely enjoy playdoh sets.


What is included in the standard Playdoh sets?

The standard Playdoh sets usually come with 16 individual colors of Playdoh, a plastic storage case, and a pair of plastic scissors. The amount and type of Playdoh colors may vary depending on the specific set chosen. The storage case helps to keep the Playdoh fresh and clean, while the scissors are perfect for cutting the Playdoh into shapes or creating detailed designs.

Additionally, some sets may include accessories such as molds or stencils to help create unique shapes and designs. It’s essential to read the specific set’s description to understand what comes with it and ensure it meets your needs and interests. Some sets may also be themed, offering special colors and accessories related to a particular topic or occasion.

Is Playdoh safe for kids to use?

Yes, Playdoh is generally considered safe for kids to use. It is non-toxic and made from materials that are safe for children. However, some people may experience allergies or irritation from Playdoh, so it’s essential to keep it away from the eyes and mouth, wash hands thoroughly after use, and avoid ingesting it.

It’s also essential to keep children supervised while playing with Playdoh to prevent any accidental ingestion or inhalation. Parents should store the Playdoh away from pets, who may try to eat it. Regularly check the expiration date on the packaging, as Playdoh can dry out over time and lose its softness, making it less enjoyable to play with.

What are the different types of Playdoh sets available?

There are various types of Playdoh sets available, catering to different interests and age groups. Some popular examples include basic sets with a variety of colors, themed sets with specific colors and accessories related to a particular topic or occasion (such as Halloween or Christmas), educational sets with letters and numbers for learning, and even sets designed for specific age groups, such as toddlers or preschoolers.

Furthermore, there are also Playdoh sets that come with accessories like molds, stencils, or tools to help kids create unique shapes and designs. Some sets may also be specifically designed for outdoor use or travel, with durable packaging and compact storage options. It’s essential to read the descriptions carefully to find the set that best suits your child’s needs and interests.

How long does Playdoh last?

The longevity of Playdoh depends on how well it is stored and cared for. Properly sealed and stored, Playdoh can last for several months. However, if it is left open or exposed to air, it can dry out quickly and lose its softness, making it less enjoyable to play with. It’s essential to store the Playdoh in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and to keep it sealed when not in use.

It’s also a good idea to regularly check the expiration date on the packaging, as Playdoh can dry out over time and lose its softness. If the Playdoh becomes hard or crumbly, it’s likely past its prime and should be discarded. To extend the life of the Playdoh, you can also try adding a small amount of water and kneading it until it becomes soft again.

What should I do if my child swallows some Playdoh?

If your child accidentally swallows some Playdoh, stay calm and reassure them that they are okay. Playdoh is non-toxic, and while it may cause some discomfort, it is unlikely to cause serious harm. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on them and ensure they are not in pain or experiencing any breathing difficulties. If your child starts to experience any symptoms such as vomiting or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

To prevent accidental ingestion, it’s essential to supervise children while playing with Playdoh and to keep it away from their reach when not in use. Teach children to wash their hands thoroughly after playing with Playdoh and to avoid putting it in their mouths. Additionally, regularly check the expiration date on the packaging and store the Playdoh away from pets, who may try to eat it.

Can Playdoh be used for educational purposes?

Yes, Playdoh can be used for educational purposes. As a sensory and creative medium, it can help children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imagination. Playdoh can also be used to teach children about colors, shapes, and even basic math concepts like counting and measuring.

To incorporate educational themes into your Playdoh playtime, you can use themed sets with letters and numbers or create your own molds or stencils with letters and shapes. You can also encourage children to create their own designs and patterns, which can help them develop their spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. By making learning fun and engaging, children are more likely to retain information and develop a lifelong love of learning.

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